7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected way to much HW, lots of tests and quizzes, and for all the teachers to be very strict. But soon I realized that 7th grade was going to be a fun year even if there is a lot of HW. By October, my life was great. I was settled into my schedule and had good grades.

Eventually, I figured out that as long as I don’t procrastinate on my work, the work load isn’t a lot. In 7th grade, I learned
1- to get work done as soon as you can
2- try your hardest even if you don’t think you will do well
3- don’t doubt yourself

As the year comes to a close, I feel like I have learned a lot and really accelerated. If I had to do it all over again, I would make sure I am organized and prepared. My advice to next years 7th graders is to make sure you get on all of your teachers good lists.

Horse Shows

The hot sun beats down on me as I walk to the warm up ring on my chestnut horse, Paul. I warm up to the sound of my horses hooves beating the soft sand as he trots and canters around the ring. Paul is eager to get to jumping and I eventually let in, because that is both of our favorite disciplines.

Once we get to the show ring I look at the difficult handy course that is in front of me. As soon as my trainer tells me how to execute the course correctly I walk in. I ask Paul to pick up the canter right away, because the first jump is close. We come straight to the middle of the jump and at the perfect second he flys over the three foot obstacle. We then roll back to the next oxer and I put my leg on while he handles the distance. “Nice job!” I say as we round the turn. The inside line works out perfectly and the single on the diagonal comes out just right.

Now only two jumps stand in the way of me coming into first place. It is an in and out. You are supposed to jump, take two strides and then clear another jump. We come to the first jump and meet it a little bit too close coming from a sharp turn… The rail falls down. I couldn’t let that bring our confidence down, so I made sure he was proud about the last jump.

I was happy about that round, even though we didn’t place well because of the rail. I know we tried our hardest and gave it our all.


Mustangs Are Born Free

Let wild horses run free
In mountains let them be
Release them let them go
Stop killing these horses
They are so scared you know

Let wild horses run free
Don’t divide mom from baby
Wild horses to be free
Let them run in mountain
Don’t take freedom away

Let wild horses run free
Let’s join voices help horses
Take them where they belong
They truly need our help
Selling these horses wrong

Let wild horses run free
Since small I love horses
I grew up watch them grow
Mustangs are beautiful
They’re unique smart you know.

Dorian Petersen Potter

I like this poem because it talks about horses and shows you how mean and wrong people can be to these very sweet animals sometimes. Especially by splitting a foal from its mom. Horses are also very beautiful, and the poem states that too.

Favorite Toy

When I was little I used to sit there and play for hours with my doll
which I call Baby Doll. I got her when I was very young and played
with her until I was too old for dolls. She was one of my best friends
and I told her everything.

She made me laugh and definitely cheered me up when I was having a
bad day. We would play dress up together and sing songs. Every outfit
of hers was unique with its own differences.

I still have baby doll and love to look at her and think of all those
wonderful times we had together. This doll will always be in my heart.

Baby Doll

Student Blogging Challenge: It’s A Small World


Austin… I love it. It is the best place to grow up and has so many fun activities.

First, if you are ever bored we have the amazing music festivals such as Austin City Limits and South by South West. You can sit out on the grass while listening to top music stars play their albums. Wouldn’t that just be amazing.

Also, during the summer there are good lakes to ski, wakeboard, swim, tube and have parties on. I have a lake house and when we go up there we have a blast. My brothers and I love jumping off the swing and getting thrown off the inter tube. I like to ski through the waves and make rooster tails when I am coming back in. How fun is that?

In the end, there is a lot more that you can do. But unless you want this paper to be 10ft long, I should probably just stick to two great things. Austin is an amazing hometown to me.

Expository Writing

The soft fur brushed against my skin as my new puppy licks my face. Pets are so fun to play with!

In addition to them being adorable, they make good companions because they are always there for you. If you are having a bad day they can sense it and try to cheer you up. Aren’t they sweet? To some people pets are there only friends.

Also, pets can be enjoyable when they listen to you and you don’t have to ask twice. It is really nice when you and your pet can understand each other. To some people pets are there only friends and family.

Pets are enjoyable and they will always be there. Sometimes animals can open up a whole new perspective to you and you get to start a new path.

Cooking Show

One lazy afternoon on a Saturday my friend Nina and I decided to make our own cooking show. We gathered up all the ingredients and set up the video tape. Three…. Two… One… The camera began to do its magic.

To begin the show we squished the brownie bites with our hands, freshly washed. Then PLOP goes the brownie in to the white creamy milk. Then as we carefully spooned out the big chocolatey chunks of brownie bites, milk began to slowly trickle from the spoon.

The show was a great hit on the TV… it never really aired…but it was fun and made everybody that we showed it to laugh!


Paul turned around the corner as we cantered to the brown jump. He took it with ease and I sat down to ask him to trot. The trot poles loomed ahead, the white flashing into my eyes. He stepped over them one by one as I posted to his smooth flow.

The next obstacle needed to be cantered, so I sat deep into my saddle and squeezed my legs around his body. 2 strides away from the jump he got the correct lead and we soared over the verticle. Next came the in and out, that had one stride in between two jumps. We rounded the corner and I counted down strides until take off. 3, 2, 1… JUMP. He landed gracefully on the other side and one stride later we was in the air again!


The cold harsh air surrounds you keeping you from breathing well. Your noise is red and your fingers are numb. Your hair shoots back with each gust nature blows. The crunching of snow is under you as you walk and you can hear birds chirping in the tree wishing for summer to come. The snow that is falling bounces off you and you shiver even more. There is no human in sight just animals and the world around you. -Winter-


Red is like a rose swaying in the wind. Like the steaming hot lava poring down the side of a volcano.

Orange is like a pumpkin being carved out for Halloween.

Yellow is like the sun in the middle of the day shining down on you.

Green is like the grass being eaten by horses. Like the Christmas tree all lit up with lights.

Blue is like the sky in many different shades.

Purple is like a queen ruling the land.