Vet for a Day

We pulled up in my Mom’s turquoise SUV and I skipped all the way to the front door. I was so excited. I got to go where only employees get to go. I was going to get to see what the vets do while your dogs or cats are having surgery, or just back there for a check up. They all welcomed me kindly. One of them was cleaning a black and white dogs teeth. Another was getting rid of an abscess on a lab’s lip. I saw where they stay overnight, get bathed, and where they can run around during the day if their owners are away and the vets are “pet sitting” them.


The long flowing mane drifted behind him as he cantered to the pure white fence. The thundering sound of his hoofs beating the ground, echoed through my ears, clear and loud. As he reached my side he sniffed me wanting treats. I handed him a bright red apple which he took and ate with two huge bites. Slobbery apple juice dripped down his side.


The Day I Got Smudge

It was the morning of Christmas Eve, my dad, my brothers and I went to the bike store to fix something on my dads bike. My mom went out on an errand that she didn’t tell us about and got home right after we got home. My parents told us to go upstairs and watch some TV, but come down when they asked us to. All of us knew that it was going to be a Christmas present but none of us knew what it was going to be.

My brother, Hudson, who is 2 years younger than me thought it was going to be a TV set for each of us which would go into our room. My brother, Grant, who is 7 years younger than me thought it was going to be another jeep. I thought it was going to be a pet…

When my parents called us down we rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen. They gave us a card with a riddle on it, it was a treasure hunt.

The first place the riddle said to look was the pantry. We hurried to the pantry where there was a puppy bed waiting for us. We all screamed with joy, because we knew we were getting a puppy. We barely got through the next clue before running to the next place it said. In that spot there were some dog bones with a clue tapped to the bag. The clue told us to go somewhere in the back. Hudson thought it meant the backyard, but when we got there nothing was there. We realized that it meant the back of the house which is where the guest room is.

We opened the door to the guest room and there in the middle of the room was a 6 weeks old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy. Her name was Smudge and she was tricolored which meant she had white, black, and brown on her. I slowly walked up to her and picked her up. She laid in my arms scared since she didn’t know us, but enjoying every single minute of it. Next my brothers held her and all of us had smiles that stretched all the way across our face.

That was the best Christmas present I have ever had. I was so excited and it wasn’t even Christmas yet, I couldn’t imagine what tomorrow would be like if the day before was amazing!