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The cold harsh air surrounds you keeping you from breathing well. Your noise is red and your fingers are numb. Your hair shoots back with each gust nature blows. The crunching of snow is under you as you walk and you can hear birds chirping in the tree wishing for summer to come. The snow that is falling bounces off you and you shiver even more. There is no human in sight just animals and the world around you. -Winter-

Vet for a Day

We pulled up in my Mom’s turquoise SUV and I skipped all the way to the front door. I was so excited. I got to go where only employees get to go. I was going to get to see what the vets do while your dogs or cats are having surgery, or just back there for a check up. They all welcomed me kindly. One of them was cleaning a black and white dogs teeth. Another was getting rid of an abscess on a lab’s lip. I saw where they stay overnight, get bathed, and where they can run around during the day if their owners are away and the vets are “pet sitting” them.