My hand moving as fast as possible as I try to figure out which x-intercept is the correct one. Thoughts rush through my head telling me different ways until one finally stands out to me. I jot it down quickly and check my work. I turn it in to my teacher and at the end of the class period she returns it with an “A” on the front.


The lights hit me by surprise as I looked out of the windshield into the dark night sky. Tall enormous buildings loomed in front of my face as I gazed into the distance. I hadn’t seen anything like it, they were lit up like a shining star with black spots here and there.


Suddenly it started to sprinkle. One minute later it poured. The night sky was dark and cold. I didn’t have an umbrella with me so I was getting soaked. That night I was sleeping at the barn. I needed to help bring in some of the horses from the pasture. I walked slowly out there trying not to scare them by running. One of the ponies named Griffin came up to me, he wanted to get out of the rain. I slipped the halter onto him and headed in to the barn. He was wild because the rain had scared him a little bit. Once I was under the cover of the barn roof I could feel my wet clothes sticking to my body, I hated that feeling. After all the horses were away I went inside to get warm.

Spanish Alphabet

We are learning how to say the alphabet in Spanish. We know all the letters from A-Z! It is so much fun! When we learn how to say them we say them in rhythm. Once you have the rhythm down it is easy to remember