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The cold harsh air surrounds you keeping you from breathing well. Your noise is red and your fingers are numb. Your hair shoots back with each gust nature blows. The crunching of snow is under you as you walk and you can hear birds chirping in the tree wishing for summer to come. The snow that is falling bounces off you and you shiver even more. There is no human in sight just animals and the world around you. -Winter-


Suddenly it started to sprinkle. One minute later it poured. The night sky was dark and cold. I didn’t have an umbrella with me so I was getting soaked. That night I was sleeping at the barn. I needed to help bring in some of the horses from the pasture. I walked slowly out there trying not to scare them by running. One of the ponies named Griffin came up to me, he wanted to get out of the rain. I slipped the halter onto him and headed in to the barn. He was wild because the rain had scared him a little bit. Once I was under the cover of the barn roof I could feel my wet clothes sticking to my body, I hated that feeling. After all the horses were away I went inside to get warm.

Preposition Poem

In the frosty glimmering snow,
Behind the huge fort that took hours to build,
In front of our house with smoke coming out of the chimney,
Underneath the falling snowflakes,
Despite the numbing cold the snowball fight kept going,
Beyond the tall leafless trees that stood still and crooked,
Next to the beautiful sight of massive snowy mountains,



Snow Falling In Skardu. 2012. Photograph. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

Written by Allyson and Miranda