Expository Writing

The soft fur brushed against my skin as my new puppy licks my face. Pets are so fun to play with!

In addition to them being adorable, they make good companions because they are always there for you. If you are having a bad day they can sense it and try to cheer you up. Aren’t they sweet? To some people pets are there only friends.

Also, pets can be enjoyable when they listen to you and you don’t have to ask twice. It is really nice when you and your pet can understand each other. To some people pets are there only friends and family.

Pets are enjoyable and they will always be there. Sometimes animals can open up a whole new perspective to you and you get to start a new path.

3 thoughts on “Expository Writing

  1. That part about pets and humans being able to understand each other with out having to repeat what you just said is so true. Especially how you don’t have to repeat yourself unlike humans who sometimes don’t have the best hearing.

    I love your writing and I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Hello Miranda!

    I love your post about puppy.

    Really, dogs are man’s best friends.

    When I was in high school and in college, my task was always to make my relatives’ dogs clean and always in good condition, since I lived in their house. I used to take a bath them, wash their fur and put under the sun for a moment until the fur becomes dry. Eventually, the dogs, young and old become my bestfriends. They feel happy as I brushed their fur, and wiggled their tails as approached them. Probably, wiggling tells me that they are happy with me.

    Really, Filipinos love dogs, and you too.

    Relatively, I’m so happy with your write up on expository writing.

    May I know, if, you are the one who prepares food for your puppy or is there someone in-charge with it.

    Here in the Philippines, some Filipinos, give food to dogs every after meal – leftovers. But, to some can afford people here, they buy dog foods.

    Cheers from,
    Quirino High School, Project 3
    Quezon City, Philippines
    [Rolando R. Barcelon, Chemistry Teacher]

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