Preposition Poem

In the frosty glimmering snow,
Behind the huge fort that took hours to build,
In front of our house with smoke coming out of the chimney,
Underneath the falling snowflakes,
Despite the numbing cold the snowball fight kept going,
Beyond the tall leafless trees that stood still and crooked,
Next to the beautiful sight of massive snowy mountains,



Snow Falling In Skardu. 2012. Photograph. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

Written by Allyson and Miranda

One thought on “Preposition Poem

  1. Hi Miranda!
    I think your poem was very creative and that you are a great writer. It really describes winter well, even though I live in Florida, and it doesn’t snow here. The picture is very detailed and I think it goes well with your poem. Do you want to be a writer.

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